The Race

May 30th – June 1st 2020.

After ten editions, the 151 Miglia – Trofeo Cetilar is a regatta that has truly become a classic of the Mediterranean.

151 Miglia is a race open to all, conceived to offer participating crews a chance to show off their unique nautical skills, but above all as an opportunity to experience the full range of emotions that only passion, sport and the sea can summon. A race conceived by sailors and for sailors, propelled by the powers of the sea and the wind.

151 Miglia – Trofeo Cetilar: a unique route, a keen eye for detail. Its key to success is the personal, intimate bond that every participant experiences during the regatta. All shipowners and crews’ different experiences, whether mote technical or emotional, define the race full potential.
This is 151 Points of you: perspectives are infinite and depend on the sailor’s personal vision and frame of mind, as everyone can identify him/herself with this experience. This is what makes the 151 Miglia everyone’s regatta.

May 30th – June 1st 2020, 151 Miglia 11th Edition: As always, we will set off from Livorno, to end in Punta Ala following a route that touches upon Giraglia and the Islands of the Tuscan Archipelago. Our twofold itinerary is both perfect for young crews negotiating their first experiences in blue water sailing, and challenging enough to entice more expert sailors. Every year the 151 Miglia regatta is awaited eagerly by all: both as a starting point and an end in itself.

Crew and Dinner Party

151 Miglia smells like home: it is a safe port, welcoming you in, a thrilling atmosphere that will take your breath away. It’s all about passion and sharing life’s best emotions. The fun starts ashore, and it’s contagious; it brings a smile onto everyone’s faces.
Our events calendar takes place across all three ports, Pisa, Livorno and Punta Ala. Our crew set-off party is an unforgettable welcome evening, brimming with positive expectations. Our final dinner party isn’t just about crowning the winner of the race: it is an event planned around the protagonists of the regatta, an evening full of enthusiasm and excitement.


The wind is blowing ashore, with the official 151 Miglia Board Game.
As usual, the classic 151 Miglia Board Game tournament will take place in Punta Ala on June 1th.
The instructions of the game follow ISAF sailing regulations, and the gameplay reproduces the actual route of the events. All players will have to develop their own tactics, bearing in mind the unpredictable circumstances that characterize a blue sea regatta.