SLAM: passione e innovazione tecnologica per 151 Miglia

GENOA isn’t just an incredibly beautiful city: historically it has always thrived on the sea and lived for the sea, since the times of the Maritime Republics.

Its inhabitants have always looked at the sea as both a resource and an inspiration. They’ve invoked it, thanked it, and prayed to its totem, ‘La Lanterna’, a monumental lighthouse that has turned into a beloved Genoese symbol.


Unsurprisingly,  SLAM’s adventure began in Genoa in 1979, when a group of young yachtsmen started a new brand of technical sailwear that would quickly become the leader in its field worldwide. Striking the right balance between a passion for sailing and technological innovation has always been at the heart of this ambitious and important project.


Every SLAM product, from jackets to shoes, has been designed and created in line with this spirit, for a range of sailwear that doubles as streetwear – accessories that can improve performance in a race, but that are also comfortable enough to be worn every day.


Of course 151 Miglia and SLAM would find a perfect match in one another.


For the seventh consecutive year, yachtsmen and crews will wear SLAM, a brand that thrives on the sea and lives for the sea, which will undoubtedly bring another year of colourful passion and enthusiasm, to the 151 Miglia family.