Information for participants wishing to take part in the Regatta

In implementing the 2016/67 EU regulation and the current regulations we provide you with the following information pertaining to the processing and protection of your personal data

Data Controller

Joint data controllers Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara di Pisa Viale D’Annunzio 234/d – 56128 Marina di Pisa (PI) PI and Yacht Club Punta Ala with registered address in the town of Porto – 58043 Punta Ala


Your personal data will be requested during registration at the “151miglia” event for the following purposes:

registration management and related organisational and administrative activities including the use of contacts provided for subsequent communications regarding the event in which you have taken part. The provision of data is mandatory for participation and consent is not required.

Sending of newsletters to inform you of new events / courses organised by the owner and for additional promotional activities of the Owner. The sending of the above is subject to your express consent.

Video and photographic footage that can be published for information and promotional purposes. During the event we will try to minimise the impact on participants and shots will always be checked prior to each publication to ensure this minimisation. It is understood that such filming is the exclusive property of the owner and made without economic claims by the interested party and assigned completely free of charge. Filming falls within the scope of the Owner’s legitimate interests and is not subject to consent. It is not possible to guarantee complete exclusion from video and photo shootings made during the event.


Data collected will not be disseminated, sold or exchanged with third parties except for any limited communications that may become necessary in order to provide the requested service and always under the Data Controller’s control.

Storage period

The data you provide will be stored for no more than 3 years after the last participation in our events / courses; the limit is extended to 10 years for data deemed necessary for administrative and accounting purposes.

Data is stored until the interruption of the service by the Data Controller or until you expressly state that you do not wish to receive any further communications.

Data is stored for 2 years after the end of any publications

Rights of the interested party

You have the right to ask the data controller to access your personal data, to correct it, to delete it or to limit the processing. You can always request full details of the processing and your rights by writing to the contacts made available by the Data Controller and provided at the beginning of the information.

Revocation of Consent

You may interrupt at any time the processing which is the subject matter of this information, by submitting your intentions in writing to the Data Controller, without however prejudicing the operations carried out legally up to that moment.

Right to Complaint

If you believe that your data processing breaches the GDPR EU-2016/679 Regulation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, located in Piazza di Monte Citorio n. 121, IT-00186, Rome.